Was Mohammed the Descendant of Ishmael? 5

Episode 5

Author: Daniel Amari/Thursday, April 19, 2018/Categories: Islam, Quran, Quran Historical Criticism, Mohammed, History of Islam, Backgrounds of Islam, Islam in Light of History Book, Video

Was Mohammed a Descendant of Ishmael? Episode 5 from Religion Research Institute on Vimeo.


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Daniel Amari
Daniel Amari

Daniel Amari

Researcher in Islam, Christian Apologist, TV Host, and Speaker.

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Researcher in Islam, Christian Apologist, TV Host, and Speaker with over 17 years of experience. Host and Co-host of Arabic scholarly apologetics TV program. President of the Religion Research Institute, an evangelical scholarly ministry dedicated to comparative religion, Islamic research, and Christian apologetics. Master of arts in New testament with focus on Biblical languages and Textual Criticism.


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